Signing Smart Intermediate Play Class Series: Long-term Learning

Intermediate Play Class Series: Long-term Learning

The Signing Smart Intermediate Play Class Series is for families who have completed at least one session of the Beginner Series and are looking to expand and extend the benefits of Signing Smart. Building off the familiar structure of the Beginner Series, we integrate signs and Signing Smart strategies into gross motor play, large and small group activities, reading, storytelling, singing, and much more; however, the activities, interactions, and signs in the Intermediate Series are more advanced and are designed to take children to the "next level" with both signing and speaking.

The Intermediate Series provides a unique opportunity for families teaching their babies sign language to engage in vocabulary-rich activities that have been developed specifically to facilitate linguistic, emotional, and cognitive development in hearing toddlers. The Play Classes extend parents' signed vocabulary, and at the same time teach parents how to use ASL signs not only as a means of early communication, but also as a powerful vehicle to facilitate long-term learning. Through engaging and developmentally-stimulating activities, you will learn how to use ASL signs and Signing Smart Strategies to: facilitate your child's comprehension of abstract ideas; stimulate your child's memory skills, foster emotional understanding and regulation, encourage symbolic play, enhance overall vocabulary and sentence use (signed and spoken), and advance your child's pre-literacy abilities through strategic sign use while reading, rhyming, and storytelling.

Please see Locations to find a class near you. Don't forget to ask about setting up a private class for your pre-established group!