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  • Signing Smart: Instructor Starter Pack - Beginner Play Class Curriculum & Beginner Parent Workshop & Business Starter Pack & Copies of Most SS Products!
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    All you need to run fun, rewarding Signing Smart programming in your area! Whether you are new or are looking to enrich your current offerings by becoming a part of a growing team of Signing Smart Instructors, this Pack is for you. Includes multiple additional documents and support resources.

    • $375.00
  • Build on to your Signing Smart Play Classes with our Intermediate level programming. All new signs, activities, and Signing Smart strategies provide another 10-weeks of fun and learning. Emphasis is on extended interactions, pretend play, tools to facilitate spoken language, and extended learning.

    • $275.00
  • Extend your Signing Smart programming by offering this 4-week play class focusing on the fall/winter holidays. Emphasizes how to be Signing Smart to lighten the pressures of the holidays and how to understand and experience this magical time of year from the child's perspective. Can be run as a monthly or weekly play class Fall - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Winter - Hannuukah - Christmas - Kwanza - New Years! This can also be combined with a Beginnner session to make your fall - early winter program special and like no other around!

    • $250.00
  • Out-the-box simple, easy, and successful methods allow you to quickly build a program, or effortlessly reinvent yourself! Our research-proven programming gives parents the tools and stategies to experience success quickly. Includes multiple additional documents and support resources.

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  • This unique workshop allows you to speak your audience's langauge, and gives you the tools to teach professionals simple and effective techniques to easily integrate Signing Smart into a group setting with multiple caretakers. Includes multiple additional documents and support resources.

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  • Developed for teachers of talking preschoolers ages 3-5, this workshop gives instructors the means to teach educators many simple but powerful Signing Smart Learning and Concept Development strategies to use in their classrooms. Moving beyond "singing and signing," this is a one-of-a kind program!

    • $250.00
  • Expand your Signing Smart workshop offerings to reach families of children 18mo - 5 yrs. Developed for those familiar with Signing Smart as well as the novice signer. Focuses on Signing Smart techniques for enhancing spoken language and memory, and facilitating cognitive and emotional development.

    • $300.00
  • Collection of single-session classes to extend your Signing Smart play class or workshop programs and to earn you extra income or "get the word out" about your on-going offerings. Play Class only, Workshop only, or Dual versions available.

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  • Give families the opportunity to experience Signing Smart in a whole new way! This three or four-week play class series can be done in partnership with your local zoo or nature center to extend your play class presence and reach a larger clientele. This is a great way to earn extra income and help "get the word out!"

    • $200.00