Signing Smart Instructor Support & Services

Signing Smart Instructor Support and Services

There are many benefits to becoming a licensed Signing Smart Instructor! In addition to our highly developed and research-proven programming, all Instructors also receive a variety of services and support in running their baby / toddler sign language workshops and play classes.

Training and Mentorship
Both Dr. Lindert and Dr. Anthony are actively involved with the teaching, business development, product development, and research aspects of Signing Smart. In addition, our team of employees and affiliates provides wonderful additional resources for information on Deaf Culture and ASL, early childhood education, public speaking, media relations and PR, business start-up, program development, and more. Training includes on-line chats, conference calls, annual workshop meetings, one-on-one email/phone/video support, etc.

Signing Smart Online Support
All Signing Smart Instructors are invited to become a part of our on-line community. Here you receive suggestions and support from the founders, as well as from other Instructors, some of whom are exactly where you are, and some of whom were exactly where you are, and are now thriving!

Business Start-up / Expansion Guidance
Our Signing Smart Business Pack contains all you need to successfully start or expand your Signing Smart Workshop or Play Class business. Includes information on where to teach classes, the logistics of setting up play classes and workshops, ideas for generating clients, handouts, promotional items, and a resource CD of sample documents (such as flyers, letterhead, etc.).

Marketing and Media / Public Relations Materials
Brochures, business cards, templates for car magnets, "yard signs," banners, Dr. office brochures, Signing Smart Instructor T-shirts, and much more are all available to help you spread the word about your programs. We also provide Instructors with new press releases as they become relevant. Instructors may also request access to our professional-quality photo images, our comprehensive collection of child signing photos, as well as video sample clips for use in program promotion and media coverage.

Website Text and Images
Use our website to build one of your own! As Instructors, you are licensed to use the text and images from our site on your own site. See the Acceptable Use Policy for guidelines and restrictions related to Web site creation and logo use.

Signing Smart Logo use
All Instructors will receive access to electronic copies of our logo to allow you to create professional flyers, etc. in a snap! See the Acceptable Use Policy for guidelines and restrictions related to logo use.

Discounted Signing Smart Products
All Instructors receive a 20% discount on materials for families in their programs!

Take your Talent to the Next Level!
As a young and growing company, you have the opportunity to be heard by the founders and to have your ideas incorporated into the creation of new materials and new programming. In the past year alone, Signing Smart Instructors contributed their time and talents to our Holiday Play Class Curriculum and Handbook as well as our Advanced Workshop-in-a-Box for A Parent Audience. These Instructors had ideas that they brought to the founders, and these ideas have now been turned into new Signing Smart materials!

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