Hear What Signing Smart Instructors are Saying!

What Instructors are saying about Signing Smart

What I love about the Signing Smart curriculum was how COMPREHENSIVE and user-friendly it is!! It leads you every step of the way. I have been involved with the Deaf Community for over 14 years, so I was also very concerned that the program I chose was using ASL accurate signs and was respectful of the Deaf community and culture. I also love the language and child development part of the Signing Smart program. I give so much more to families than a signing vocabulary. Signing Smart is such a supportive, creative, and energetic company! I feel like my feedback is listened to and that I am provided an opportunity to participate in their growth. I would not even consider another program after seeing this one!

Kristi Thomas, M.A., LPC, CRC
Certified Signing Smart Instructor
Play Classes
Tucson, Arizona

Signing Smart gave me all the information and support I needed to set up my infant / toddler sign language program. Though I had signed with my own child, I needed training before I was ready to teach, and Michelle and Reyna were incredible mentors. They shared their knowledge with me in a way that I could understand, and related their experience as teachers and mothers so I could best communicate the material. I looked around a lot before I found Signing Smart's programming, and it has, without a doubt, the most effective strategies out there - better than anything I've ever seen before! I love being a Signing Smart Instructor!

Beryt Nisenson
Certified Signing Smart Instructor
Houston, Texas

I had spent many years in the Corporate World, which was something I was good at but didn't really love. I always said I wanted to have the opportunity to do something I had a true passion for. When the opportunity to teach Signing Smart came along, I knew it was what I had been looking for. It gave me the chance to use my skills to help families experience the wonder of signing with their babies. I finally am doing something that combines my abilities and my passion!!

Angela Fieseler
Certified Signing Smart Instructor
Workshops and Play Classes
Centennial, CO

I received a baby / toddler sign language kit as a shower gift. Excited, I went to the library to pick up other books and videos. I surfed the web and read everything I could find. Then I discovered Signing Smart. I figured out soon enough that the Signing Smart program is so much more in-depth, so much more helpful for families hoping to communicate with their very young babies, or even their older toddlers. When I decided to add teaching baby sign language classes to the pre- and post-natal yoga classes I already taught, there was no doubt it would be the Signing Smart program. It's by far the most comprehensive baby sign language program out there, with its emphasis on child development and on getting into your child's world. It really helps children not only communicate with you but also gives you tools to help them learn in ways that are motivating and captivating.

Rina Coury
Certified Signing Smart Instructor
Play Classes
Lakewood, Colorado